Hello and thanks for visiting my webpage.  I'm primarily a landscape photographer based out of Southwest Ohio (near Cincinnati) in the USA.  I started photography because quite literally I was bored and looking for something to do in my spare time.  I took a few classes at University of Cincinnati in their adult learning program and got hooked!  Now I use photography as an excuse to travel as much as possible and as a way to spend all this extra money (HA!).  I try to get to Europe at least once a year and plan a trip somewhere in the US each year also.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio to two of the best people I have had the privilege to know and shared my childhood with two more of my favorite people, my brother and sister, who have provided my parents with the grandchildren I didn't. I am currently owned by a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel who puts up with my silliness on a daily basis.  Monday through Friday I work as an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist for a large chemical company.  On Saturdays in the fall I live and breathe Ohio State Football.

For those who wonder about gear, I shoot Nikon mostly because my dad gave me a D60 when I started taking classes and have stuck with them since.  Most of the shots on this site were taken with a D800e or a D500.  I just recently purchased a Z7 and have fallen in love with it, so much more to come with it.

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